Dr. Hugh Davies

Professor Hugh Davies is an Associate Professor of Occupational and Environmental Health in the University of British Columbia School of Population and Public Health. He also holds appointments the Occupational Cancer Research Center and the University of Waterloo, both in Ontario. Prof. Davies has a PhD and MSc in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, and is board-certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygienist in Comprehensive Practice (CIH).

Dr. Davies’ research encompasses the full breadth of the field of occupational hygiene, i.e. hazard recognition, hazard evaluation and hazard control. He is currently principal investigator on projects investigating occupational exposure of healthcare workers to anti-neoplastic drugs in cancer care centers, whole body vibration exposure and its control in truck drivers, and the measurement and control of respirable crystalline silica exposures in the construction industry. He is principle investigator of the Canadian Workplace Exposure Database Project, a national exposure data registry and a collaborator on the Canadian Burden of Occupational Cancer Project.

He is a member of the ACGIH Chemical Substances TLV Committee and the past President of the Canadian Association for Research on Work and Health (CARWH).
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